IBA was founded in 2014 and is totally committed to assisting broadcasters in maximizing their internet property.   Over the past year, we’ve increased membership more than 70% and are being noticed and serviced by major labels such as RCA, Epic and eOne. We are a champion in launching independent labels and artists, many whom are blocked from commercial radio for a variety of unfortunate reasons. Our member radio stations are monitored by BDS or DRT.  We are currently in communication with Mediabase to design a digital reporting panel.


In addition to expanding the imprint of digital radio stations, one of the primary missions of the IBA is to support and provide internet(digital) broadcasters with tools to function in a similar fashion as commercial radio stations, with tools such as securing sales and revenue generating opportunities for your station and website, artist interviews, service from major and indie record labels, live remotes and special events, contesting and marketing.

The Urban Buzz (www.theurbanbuzz.com) currently posts the IBA playlist each Tuesday and you are encouraged to review the playlist and submit your station playlist for inclusion. As we expand the participating stations, each format will have a dedicate playlist.


Inspire desire: “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

- Victor Hugo


Imagine a company with a large group of licensed internet radio stations from many different formats such as Pop, R&B, Hip- Hop, Gospel, Smooth Jazz and Podcasters that are listened to by literally millions of individuals worldwide 24 hours a day…..This is the IBA.



IBA has resources for member stations ranging from how to build a station, assistance with expanding your brand, increasing listenership, operating a legally licensed station, programming clock designs, imaging, artist interviews, music servicing from the majors and independent labels, advertising, contesting, promotion and marketing concepts, technical support and so much more.


The Internet Broadcasters Alliance (IBA) is a company owned and operated by a group of radio professionals with well over 150+ years radio broadcasting experience.  We are here to be a resource to help you navigate through this new way of broadcasting called “internet (digital) radio”.

Sarah McCarthy
Radio Promoter (R&B and Hip Hop and Gospel) Indie Chart Manager
Andrew Campbell
Radio Promoter
Pop, R&B, Smooth Jazz