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The Real Real ...

What's up indie music lovers and indie music makers... it's time for another edition of the indie round up! Lotta movement this week .. so let's get to it ... 

The Top Of The Pile (Top 5) 

Norman Brown "I Won't Hurt You" Norman Brown has rose to the occasion ... the new #1 just in time!   This was a very crucial week for this track with Babyface breathing down it's back Norman squeaked by with 22 More spins!   Congrats to Norman and his team!   42k streams this week.  Norman is the latest member to join the #1 Club your plaque is on the way sir. 

Babyface and Ella Mai "I Keeps Falling In Love" In line to be at the #1 spot next week Face and Ella Mai is posed to take the #1 spot.  This track has request lines buzzin!  With 3k+ in spins this week this gem deserves everything it receives.  Streams are looking good at 2.1m.

Nicholas Cole " All The Way"  The question is in the air ... Can this beautiful track from Nicholas Cole have enough to hold in the top 5 till face is done?  This is what we love about the chart game ... you never know what can happen.  Remember it's all based on Spins at radio .... At press time Nick is still looking good and healthy Keep your eyes on this one!  The Streams check in at 11k this week!

The Bar-Kays - Choosey Lover  After holding the #1 spot for 2 weeks straight this comeback track from the Bar-kays still got fans requesting and wanting more.  We applaud this 50 year old band for staying relevant in the music landscape for 5 decades.  Choosey Lover checks in this week is 2990 is spins enough to stay in the top 5.   The band picks up 16k in streams this week.

Nikkole - We Can Make It If We Try Nikkole Nikkole .... the fight has begun!  This joint has been on the chart for a while now and the next few weeks are the most crucial time for this sleepy ballad.  We can make it didn't have enough on it this week to move so it's flat at #5!  Next week will determine the fate of this track.  Nikkole need 400 spins in the next 7 days to stay relevant.  Can her and her team pull it off thats the questions?  Good Luck Nikkole! 62K on the stream meter this week.

 "On The Move"

Jamison Ross "Tell Me You Love Me"  Jamison is making his move this week to be about of the top 5 fight up +2 this week.  This one has it's sights on the top 5 then the #1 position!  Based on spins this one could have a shot in the next few weeks.  picking up 28k in streams this week 

After 7 "Tomorrow Can Wait " The hot shot of last week continues to move towards the number 1 position.  Tomorrow is another classic After 7 joint that radio around the country is very comfortable with.  Taking a +3 jump this week landing at #8 on the chart will start to apply pressure to Jamison Ross and Nikkole.  This is going to be a very interesting fight starting next week ... Keep watching     After 7 takes 150K in streams this week!

Chris Jasper - Hey Love  Hey Love is flat this week. With all the activity going on in the top 5 this one didn't have anywhere to move to!   A feel good track on the radio that has the request lines buzzin at radio this one still got more in it and should be in the top 5 in the next couple of weeks.  Keep your foot on the gas Mr. Jasper!  The stream meter says 8.8k this week!

AHJAH - "Cant get Enough"  Could this one be running out of gas!  Ahjah didn't lose any spins this week but failed to put any new ones on the table. Next week is very important for this track ... if it fails to gain traction we will see this one fall apart in the next 7 days.  Still a great track regardless from this young vocalist.  Ahjah picks up 23k Streams this week!

Kim Burrell - "Working for your good" Another one that seems to be in trouble this week. Kim fails to move the needle upward this week it remains flat at #10 this week.  Regardless what this one does on the chart in days to come it will still be in heavy rotation here in the IBA office!  Working for your good is a morning ritual here in the IBA office Kim snags 19k in streams this week. 

Coline Creuzot  "For Love" Coline moves to the #11 spot a +4 jump for this offering.  After talking to programmers about this one the general consensus is this one feels good on the radio but fails to deliver request.  Could this put this one in trouble in days to come?  Keep your eyes on Coline!   Coline takes 48k in streams off the table this week. 

Mary Griffin "Angel"  This classic joint takes a +4 point jump securing the #15 position.  Now the work begins ... this powerhouse singer will need to really push the envelop to stay relevant on the chartPutting up 1556 spins this week if this one doesn't get a shot in the arm next week we could start to see it's descend.  Mary is starting to grab some streams now picking up 1225 this week!   

Glow Feat. Taylor Pace "Give It Up" - This nice up tempo groove is starting to connect with music lovers and radio around the world.  Gibe it up checks in with 1300+ spins this week.  So its safe to day radio is all in!   Fans haven't yet connected to this one on the streaming side as of yet.    Here it now Click here  

KEM "Right On Time" - Taken from the new EP "Full Circle" a different Kem experience for the fans.  A first radio was shocked to see Kem had the help of Rock Ross.  Believe it or not most stations were asking for a no rap version but because the label failed to deliver one radio was forces to work with this rap version.  Now the fans are coming together on this one  picking up 34k in streams this week. Here it now  (Click Here)

October London & Latoiya Williams "Mulholland Dr" taken from the Death Row summer compilation CD Radio dove in straight to this groove.  Mulholland Dr, makes you want to jump in the ride and take a long drive to think and vibe out!  927 spins on radio this week    The fans say yes Streaming this one 151K this week!

Kevin Ross  "Sweet Release" - Written and produced by Ross himself, “Sweet Release” is the perfect addition to your self-care Saturday or lazy Sunday afternoon playlists. Give it a test drive this today.  It appears that the fans need a sweet release picking up a whopping 2.4 Million stream this week!

"On The Way Out"

Terri Green and Randy " Turnt Up Tonight"  Falling to #12 this week ... Terri and Randy has been riding the wave of this one for awhile now.  Staying at #1 for 2 weeks now enjoying the ride down the chart but still a main stay one playlist around the world.  These 2 are join the #1 Alumni! See the beautiful plaques click here! The streams are moving in the right way it clears 97k in streams for the week. 

PJ Morton and El Debarge  "On My Way" still a great record from PJ and El!  As this one falls of the chart its still proving to be a fan favorite just look at the streams!  Streaming this week at 222K


Selina Albright - "Dishonest Smile"  A very heartfelt and honest track from Selina continues to hang around the chart. Falling to  #17 but still in the mix on radio around the country.  Still streaming like crazy this week Dishonest collects 89K



Mica Millar - "Girl"  As we say good by to this one Mica has nothing to complain about! Making a serious splash in the USA with Girl now radio is wanting more.  This one fails to continue it's organic growth and loses 500+ spins this week.  Fans are still rocking "Girl"  126k in streams this week!  We hope to see Mica back on the chart soon!

Jeffery Dennis and Denise Renee -"Strength and Help" slips down to the #23 spot as we are writing this the track just started playing on the radio.  Still a feel good track Denise really blesses this one with her golden tone.  This is a recurrent main stay for sure.  The duo picks up 33K in streams this week.  Make sure to check out their #1 Plaque Click here




New and Active Tracks 

S. Green - "There it Goes"  this sleepy ballad is flat this week at  #21. Not a bad first attempt from this new comer. This one can go either way next week.   It will be interesting to see whats next from this soul singer.

Slater Joel "Breakthrough" - This inspirational song has so many elements in it that makes it feel good.  From the Mary Jane girls sample to a incredible verse from the rapper it keeps music lovers coming back for more.  This week Slater checks in on the stream meter with 2132!  Not a bad start.

Stokley  "Cafe'" - Slow starting for this new Stokley joint 530 Spins this week. Music lovers have already started feeling this one from the New LP "Sankofa" This track should do well for Stokley as always! Picking up 39K in streams this week!

Avery Sunshine - Lucky  She never fails to deliver!  Out just a week now and already at 1000 Spins and growing,  She was the indie artist of the week last week & it was well deserved!  This week Ms Sunshine picks up 10k on the stream meter!  Great beginnings!

New Adds This Week


The Isley Brother Feat. Beyonce  Make Me Say it Again 

 Take a Listen 

Chaka Khan - Woman Like Me   Take a listen 

Tony Lindsay - True Love Take a listen 

Kenny Lattimore - Take a Dose Take a listen 



Ghetto Love Child - Like We use Too  Take a listen 


The Indie Artist of the week

Chaka Khan -  Born on March 23, 1953, in Great Lakes, Illinois, singer Chaka Khan achieved great success as part of the soul-funk band Rufus, delivering hits like "Tell Me Something Good," "Sweet Thing" and "Hollywood." She embarked on a solo career in the late '70s and made waves on the charts again with tunes like "I'm Every Woman," "I Feel for You," "This Is My Night" and "Through the Fire." A phenomenal vocalist, Khan has won numerous Grammy Awards.

Chaka Khan was born Yvette Marie Stevens on March 23, 1953, in Chicago, Illinois. Known for her powerful voice, her great volume of curly hair and her charismatic stage presence, Khan first exploded on to the music scene in the 1970s. She formed her first group, the Crystalettes, with her sister Yvonne when she was only 11 years old. Some of Khan's early musical heroines include Billie Holiday and Gladys Knight. The sisters later became involved in the Afro-Arts Theater and started another musical group known as the Shades of Black.

In 1969, Khan became active in the Black power movement, joining the Black Panther Party and working with the organization's free breakfast program for children. Around this time, she took on a new name: Chaka Adunne Aduffe Yemoja Hodarhi Karifi. She also said goodbye to her formal education, dropping out from high school.







Radio Station of The Week


The Loft (New York)


Based in Time Square New York Servcing the world a complete mix of Classic Soul and Todays R&B!  Give It a try and you'll be back for more 

Listen Live Now


The Indie Tip Of The Week with Chris Clay

Where's my Money ... 


Making music and releasing it to the world is a business!  Like any other business you should receive check for your work.  So today lets find the money ... Many of you are getting your music played on the radio that alone is money ... So lets start with a question?  is your music logged in with your writing organization BMI, ASCAP, SESAC?  Are you Logged in at Sound Exchange?  if you're writing and producing your music then you should have every track logged in to these organizations.  This is a check!   

If you're getting you video or music played on youtube, Facebook or instagram Sound exchange has a check with your name on it.   With all the internet radio in the world .. if they're playing your music Sound Exchange has a check with your name on it.   But wait ... before you start calling any of theses Organization do you have the tracking on your song?  You will need to submit this info to get your money. 

I Always say don't leave no money on the table that has your name on it 

Get Your Stream and download money

Get your digital mechanical money from your videos or song played on the web

If you need more info hit me up lets have a real conversation .. they only give me so many characters per post ... LOL So let's really talk! 

Good luck and keep pressing toward the goal and keep making great Indie Music!

Next week topic: Do You Need a manager?


Have an Awesome Week and Keep Supporting this AWESOME Indie Music Peace (2 fingers),  

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